Two Roll Mill Testing Equipment

Two Roll Mill Testing Equipment

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Our offered Two-Roll Mill Testing Equipment is to be mixed homogeneously for preparing test sample from two or more material. These are available in two different models for PVC Compounds and for PVC/Rubber Compounds with heavy-duty motor & water-cooling arrangement. The two heated rollers in the device rotates in different direction and at slightly different speeds.

It is also provided with the following:

  • Spatula for mixing the compound
  • Forward / reverse switch and power cord
  • One 440 V - 3 phase. Motor with gear assembly for rotating the rollers
  • Water-cooling arrangement. Separate water tank and motor is provided for the purpose
  • Two energy regulators for heating control - one for each roller. Heating by especially designed ā€œUā€ shaped heaters
  • Two rollers mounted on a sturdy frame, rotating in different direction at slightly different speeds. Normal roller size 6ā€ dia, 12ā€ length